Emotional Availability

About Zeynep Biringen, Ph. D.


Zeynep Biringen, Ph.D. has spent the last twenty years conducting research on emotional availability in parent-child relationships, adding to the growing body of scientific knowledge on the subject that has been amassed in the field of child-parent attachment. Dr. Biringen has since become the foremost researcher on emotional availability in parent-child relationships. She has spearheaded the understanding of emotional availability as a rigorous scientific assessment of parent-child relationships, and has observed thousands of hours of child-parent interactions in a wide variety of cultures. Numerous colleagues nationally and internationally are doing important work on emotional availability, testing its effectiveness as an observational and self-report assessment. Special issues in journals have been dedicated to disseminating these national and international contributions (including in Attachment and Human Development, 2000, Infant Mental Health Journal, 2005, and Parenting: Science and Practice, 2009. This website will provide the references for additional disseminations to the scientific community.

A professor at Colorado State University and a licensed child psychologist, she also maintains a private practice, consulting and providing service associated with emotional availability (EA). Her research interests focus on emotional availability as an assessment and also as an intervention.

She lectures and conducts national and/or international workshops to researchers, mental-health professionals, health-care professionals, child care professionals each year and now makes the needs of children (from the baby years to adolescence) available to professionals.

This Berkeley-educated, award-winning (see curriculum vitae below) child psychologist created the Emotional Availability Scales, the system for scientifically understanding parent-child connections, which is used worldwide in research studies in clinical work with parents and children, and in child custody evaluations.


Curriculum Vitae (December 2018)
Zeynep Biringen, Ph.D

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