Emotional Availability

EA® Distance Training and Certification

(training is required to use the EA systems; trainings conducted by Zeynep Biringen)

Step 1:

Since training is available only to professionals, please enclose a copy of a letter from the most senior person in your organization (original signature), on institutional letterhead, and detail on a separate page your:

  1. educational background;
  2. current post; and
  3. for what purpose (research/what type, clinical/what type) you plan to be using the system.

Send to webmaster through the ‘contact us’ button at the left navigation bar:

Upon approval by webmaster, you can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:

We will have individual communication with you to finalize any remaining paperwork, e.g, ‘transfer of agreement’ (signed confidentiality statement) for each person undergoing the training.  As we finalize this, please take care of payment so that we may send the materials to you (allow 2 weeks for color printing of manual and other materials and for mailing).  For the EA Training itself, group rates available to establish EA communities; please contact us for the rates, because it will differ based on number of people training together.

Step 3:

Registration/license to use secure website; go to www.evirx.com to register (please select the $49.95 option) and to obtain a username/password for each individual undergoing the training, indicating EA; no group licenses for access.

For any questions on pricing information and procedures, contact us.  To see ‘where’ we do this work, visit the EA® Portal.

NOTE:  Because only EA learners can have access to any of these proprietary training materials, please be sure that you want the training prior to sending any payment; after receipt of payment, we assume you are embarking on the training process and will not issue any refunds.   If you do not receive any component of the training system (e.g., materials, secure site username/password), it is your responsibility to alert us immediately by email.  Although we try to be helpful to your unique situation if you will let us know, with this tuition, the guarantee is one year access to the secure site and, therefore, one year for your training process (the full training includes:  3-4 days for the workshop, usually an hour of phone/skype/other consultation, and then 7-10 hours for the testing, which is all done based on your schedule, but it easily fits into a year’s timeframe; we encourage you to engage in the training and to complete it in half a year).  Although we try our best, there can be no guarantee that any professional will reach reliability, that you will have meaningful findings in your projects, or that you will be satisfied.