Emotional Availability

The Emotional Availability (EA) Scales may be used for custody/social service evaluations.  Given the significance of such evaluations for children and families, we ask that professionals use consultation to enhance the quality of this work!  Such peer consultation can occur in the context of a group of EA certified professionals, by using our service here, or some combination.  We have the capacity to have you upload videotapes to our secure system and to provide consultation to you about these cases, as a way to assess the level of dyadic emotional availability in different relationships.  EA has been found to be predictive of emotional attachment as well as adjustment, and we will try to do the best we can to understand the relational qualities in the family.  This evidence-based information is likely to be helpful to judges.  Only professionals who have been certified (and whose certification is ‘active’) should consider this as within their scope of expertise; otherwise, it is considered ‘casual use’ which is not in the best interests of children and families.  

If you are a parent in this situation (custody/social service), we have a team of professionals who can also observe your uploaded video(s), provide EA-related input to your local therapist/mental health professional so that you can improve your skills in this area.

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