Emotional Availability

Options for parent training

#1:  If you are a practicing professional and are interested in providing a program for parents, go back to the left navigation bar and select ‘EA Interventions’ and there you will find information on a group-format intervention that you can conduct with parents.

#2:  If you are a parent and want to have access to some self-help materials through a written Parent Workbook or video-based material, we can make this available to you, so long as you recognize that we have not tested the self-help program for effectiveness–as yet.

#3:  If you are a researcher and want to investigate #2 or compare #1 vs. #2, please contact us and we will provide any information you may need to evaluate a self-help program that provides a: a parent workbook; b:  video lecture material; and c:  video material of live families and scorings of those families, so that the parent can go through a self-help format, with role- model cases to improve parenting.