Emotional Availability


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Emotional Availabilty (EA) Scales Manual, 4th edition, Available only with training from Biringen (please contact us for EA Superusers in the Netherlands and in Finland, to additionally help with your use of EA).

Two separate versions available

1) Infancy/Early Childhood (0-5 years);

2) Middle Childhood/Youth (6-14 years; researched up to 14 years, but theoretically the system and manual are set up for older youth as well.)

Biringen will no longer be conducting new training with the 3rd edition.


  1. Biringen, Z. (2004). Raising a Secure Child: Creating emotional connection between you and your child. New York: Penguin.
    Available on amazon.com.
  2. Biringen, Z. (2009). The Universal Language of Love: Assessing Relationships Through the Science of Emotional Availability. Order through this website for now (likely, delivered more quickly right now through order from the website); Also, now available on amazon.com.

EA Trainings


In vivo


1) EA Parents Curriculum (EA Intervention for conducting parent workshops) Available to professionals only, who will direct parent workshops using the materials provided by Biringen; distance supervision via online system; Please contact us.

2) EA Professionals Curriculum (EA Intervention for non-parental caregivers). Available to professionals only who will train other professionals, such as child care professionals, teachers, etc. Please contact us.